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sabbu's Journal

The Society for the Appreciation of Big Beefy Ukes
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Welcome to the LJ community for S.A.B.B.U. - the Society for the Appreciation of Big Beefy Ukes.

This is a group that not only celebrates "manly men" in yaoi and slash, but is also particularly fond of placing them as the ukes in their relationships - something that at times seems to be a rarity in the genre.

Feel free to join and share your thoughts on the subject, be they debates, analysis, or just gushing about a favorite character (anime, games, books, movies, TV, etc. are all welcome) that fits the type we're here to talk about.

A more detailed description/explanation (as well as ground rules) will be forthcoming, as this project defines itself further.

Hope you all have fun,
aruru, founder