Kosher Bacon (zehavit_lamasu) wrote in sabbu,
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Heya ^_^

New here and thought I'll come and introduce myself and my favourite Beefy Ukes XD

My name is Zehavit - or Lamasu to those who break their teeth trying to pronounce my name properly (most people outside Israel >_< ).

I am new to the Manly men love as I am notorious for favouring girly guys but I am developing a serious taste for those muscles and that hight.

I mostly read comercially released manga - mostly untranslated so thats where my two choice big Ukes come from. First and foremost is Master Sakurai from Hoshi no Yakata - although he does wear makeup he has a very strong powerful mascular physique he towers above everyone else but somehow manage to be Uke several times - once to the most girly tiny employee in his club - It was so refreshing I was converted there and then !!!

The other is Recent as I just stumbled upon Akai Tonari and although her Ukes tend to be feminine and her Semes big muscled she does have some big Ukes as well... basically they all have muscles as big as their angst and I love it ^_^

I hope I can discover many more like this (as its now one of my new missions ) and that I will be allowed to share my finding and recive more recomendations here :)
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Welcome! :D

Unfortunately, I never heard of those series...

Reading untranslated manga with big beefy ukes is my reason for wanting to learn Japanese.