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S.A.B.B.U. Rules/FAQ development: We could use your input!

Hi guys, 'tis Aurora Derall, the founder of this comm.

First off, I would like to sincerely apologize for the deadness of the comm - at first I had a rather hectic couple of weeks, then I just lazied out and kept putting off in making a welcoming post to break the ice and help people get better acquainted. That was highly irresponsible of me, and I'm very embarassed. --;;

I am very happy and grateful you guys are still interested in participating. I can't thank you enough - I really would like for this community to take flight, and that can't be done without you all.

Since y'all are the first people here, you're all getting the chance to have a say and help me shape the direction of the comm. It's my first one, and I'd like for things to go over as smoothly as possible, so input would be helpful.

Anyway, the purpose of this particular post is for developing "ground rules" and an FAQ of sorts. I already have some general ideas that I intend to go over with llamabitchyo (Our first and only co-admin for the moment, everybody give her a cheer! ^^) next time I see her on IM, but I'd like for you all to feel free to post any questions regarding the community, suggestions for/questions about basic rules about things like what things can be posted and the like, etc.

Don't be afraid to make any suggestions or ask questions that may seem a bit silly, or debate what other suggestions/opinions/questions others post - llamabitchyo and I will be taking them into consideration.

Anyway, thanks for your interest again, and I hope to hear from y'all soon! :)

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